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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
I only noticed that in "Digital Concert" are either mods to choose (F1-Fn) or one mix (time countdown of about 12 min.). Don`t know if the mix is splitted into n mods.
the later ones were different.

check the link i gave. tis a goodun.

would be cool to do this again, with more channels. rave nation had some awesome tracks, made on oktalyzer, but for composing had plenty of limits in terms of timing and effects. perhaps a musicline non stop mix would be cool, for 020 amigas. actually i wonder if you could squeeze it into an a500. thx later ahx was 020 only, but i resourced and hacked it and it did work fine on the a500, and then later dexter did a proper a500 version.

not saying that the a500 could do musicline 8 channel, but it's food for thought.
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