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Edit: Just noticed how old this thread is, ah well -.o;

Originally Posted by wilshy View Post
But it plays many OCS & ECS games nicely. I stop short at saying perfect, but it's pretty nice. Shame the development has stopped on it. THE most annoying this with the emulation scene on these handhelds. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon as they're released, soon moving to something else.
Development has /not/ stopped, however my Pandora had to go back for repair and until it comes back I can't do a damn thing.

Been waiting well over a month for it to return now and not even a heads up as to its status -.-

Rest assured, AGA support will appear as will improved speed.

(and the pause between me sending it off and releasing something was due to my having to learn how to use OpenGL ES and ARM assembly, getting it working full speed with AGA will not exactly be straightforward but it is possible and will be done!)

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