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Need Help with Sprites and Amiga Imaging Software

As many of you already know, I have been working on a Star Wars FPS for the PrBOOM+ advanced DOOM source port.

PrBOOM+ has not been ported to any of the Amiga variants yet, but I've been told that porting it should not be much of an issue, so here's to hoping.

Anyhow, one of the many features that PrBOOM+ holds above the standard old, outdated, and unsupported variant of PrBOOM that is on Amiga, is the fact that you can use Hi-Resolution Patches and Flats (Floor and Wall textures). On top of that is the ability to use 3D Sky Boxes like those found in Quake 2 and Unreal 2 amongst others, and....

(drum roll please)

Hi-Resolution Sprites!!!!!!

I do not believe the author intended for their to be support for Hi-Res sprites as he did not seem to be aware of it during our conversations, but as with most things DOOM related, a little experimentation can yield some interesting results.

So needless to say I have decided to abandon the 8-bit approach to this project all together and redo everything in Hi-Res! In this way I no longer have the head ache of working my way around the issues that come with dealing with a limited palette and resolution.

Now that I am working in Hi-Resolution, I have one little thing that I'd like to pull off and would like to use as a learning experience in relation to Amiga graphics software.

What I'd like to do is take these images and add a little lighting to the top of the Gun so that it looks like a Laser is firing out and reflecting upon the barrel of the gun (flash).

I own ImageFX 4.5 but no little about it, and also have a Brilliance and a few other apps should I need them. I've seen this done a million times in old Amiga magazines from back in the day and what not, but now need to know how to do it my self.

If someone could provide me a quick guide on how to do this I would be ever so grateful!!

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