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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
The next module is loaded while playing the current one. That's the whole trick. There are 5 or 6 modules in each Flash Production "Digital Concert" if memory serves me right.
I only noticed that in "Digital Concert" are either mods to choose (F1-Fn) or one mix (time countdown of about 12 min.). Don`t know if the mix is splitted into n mods.

Check D-Mob (Mega-Music Disk 3), Flash Production (Digital Concert) or Kefrens (Multi-Megamixi) demos, there were quite a few of such mixes back in the day, the concept is anything but new.
I have only your installs for Mega-Music 1 and 4.
Multi-Megamixi(1-3) checked. It`s all similar/same. I didn`t knew that is mods joined together. However, I wouldn`t put them together with 8BitJungle (at least mixing style is more modern).
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