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Amiga Hardisks

Hello there,

The reason why I was dying to try Winuae0822R2 was because it allows me to take out the old hardisk out of my Amiga and finally making a backup of it on my desktop before it dies. I even installed windowsXP for it!

I wanted to add a PC directory to save the files to but here's were I noticed what may be a bug.

If you configure a real harddisk, winuae did not accept the next entry in the harddrive configuration, everything after that is accepted.

This means if you add a harddisk and 2 directories what you get is your harddisk and 1 directory. Same goes if you check the add PC drives, winuae drops the first PC drive after that they all appear nicely. I think this problem might be the result of my 'Amiga' harddisk having 2 partitions on it.
It might be worth while keeping an eye out to see if anybody else notices this.

Like I said it's not that big a problem because you just add a bogus directory you don't need first and after that all's fine.
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