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Colemak keymap and Amiga keymap editor in Scala


I recently started getting back into Amiga programming again and noticed that I can't really type on a QWERTY keyboard anymore. I use a Colemak layout, mostly because I type a lot and longer periods of typing with QWERTY cause pain in my hands. Since I could not find a Colemak layout for the Amiga, I decided to read up on the Amiga reference documentation and create an editor in Scala (which is a language that is translated to Java bytecode, so it should run everywhere Java runs), mainly to understand how keymaps work and are arranged.
Using this editor, I have created the colemak1 keymap, which was derived from the usa1 keymap.
I decided to share both keymap and layout under

in case it could be useful to someone else than me. For me it has certainly been worth the effort, I am using it on my A1200 as well as on E-UAE and WinUAE.


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