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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
I just wondered the mentioned time (10-20 seconds) that tooks loading next song to buffer. Should be at least on my system 10 times faster. If files are crunched or not seems equal.

BTW. I guess chip mem is used for song buffer. Surely a fast mem replayer could solve the memory usage and chip mem saved for gfx stuff.

Maybe different mod formats (mod, dbm, med, ...) will work in a mix?

Sorry for asking all the stuff but I want to check out possibilities and maybe doc.k would add similar feature to his music disk engine. I would like to see more real mix music as 8BitJungel in the future.
Only the music note data can go in fast ram, the samples have to be in chipram, and obviously, the samples take up the biggest chunk of space in the module format.

So long as the next module in line starts when it should, theres no need to spend precious coding time trying to make the loading/depacking quicker, because the next module won't need to be played for some minutes and the next in line has long since loaded and depacked.
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