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You will need uaescsi.device checked, but not "add PC drives". It stopped being used for CDROMs a while back

Under MISC tab, turn on Create Log File.

Run WinUAE.

Quit WinUAE.

Open winuaelog.txt with whatever.

I don't have an IDE CD-ROM, so you'll have to do some reading. In mine, there's a section like this:
CREATIVE DVD5241E         B.45 = uaescsi.device:400
PLEXTOR  CD-ROM PX-40TW   1.04 = uaescsi.device:803
That tells you exactly the info you need. Re-run WinUAE, and modify /Devs/DOSDrivers/CD0. Change the Device to "uaescsi.device" and the Unit to whatever unit number your error log says. Save it. Re-boot the Amiga.
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