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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
Thanks for explaining. After all the years I forgot what disk swapping means. Also thanks for mention other releases (at least for me 8BitJungle is the first mod mix production). Have to check the others.

I belive that mixing the mods together was a hard work. Did you edit each song separately or in one song and after that copy the mix pattern to the next song or completely differently?

About multitasking, I just wanted to know if it would be possible or technically not. I`m looking forward for your future projects.

Also thanks for you answer! Multitasking why? I like playing a musicdisk in background while doing something other. At least after watching/listening the first time when you "know" everything. For other productions like demos/intros/... it wouldn`t make sense.

I forgot to mention/ask. When I click the RMB next song plays immediately and status changed to "loading" what stays for about 10-20 seconds. So skip a song last at least that time because RMB works only if status = "raving". Seams skipping goes quicker?
The trick to mixing them is to dump out all the samples from each tune, then you can decide which samples and patterns can be crossed over into the next. The real challenge is making sure you dont share too much as it has to have two modules in memory at the same time..

Which brings me to your RMB question... While the intro is running, the code is loading the first module into buffer 1. When that starts playing it loads the next song into buffer two. So you see, its acting like a real DJ in some respect by using two decks (memory buffers) so while one is playing the other can be loaded.
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