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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
sorry if i missed it, but is there an entrance fee and/or a "supporters" fee?
Yes there is a fee, in order for the organizers to cover the tournament room & other expenses. The exact sum will depend on the number of participants but it will be more or less £40 per player.

i didnt really play kick off 2, well i dont really play any football games, but i would like to attend to show some support
That's good to hear! The important thing to remember is that not everyone in a world cup is a potential champion. There are plenty of weak players in it, and in fact the tournament format is designed in a way so that during the second day everyone plays in a group of players of more or less his caliber.

Here's a video to get you warmed up. It's from the 2009 WC at the city hall of Voitsberg, Austria:

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