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JimPlaysGames... awesome Amiga related Youtube channel!

I know this Youtube channel was mentioned in the Amiga/Retro Youtube thread recently, by a user called Mogilny, that's how I originally found the channel.

However, I suspect it might be easy to miss when mixed in with so many other posts like that, and I think this channel is awesome enough to deserve its own thread

He has a few different series of videos, one of my favourites is the series of videos where he plays Amiga games (suggested by subscribers) that he's never played before, and gives his impression.
My favourite of those is the one where he tries out Turrican 2 for the first time, I believe this one was the one mentioned in the post by Mogilny though.
Anyway, it's really fun to watch!

However, the main reason I decided to make a thread about this now is that he very recently did more Turrican 2 stuff - this time he played through the whole game for the first time ever, while commenting all the way through. Was very much fun to watch, he does really good commentary and his voice is pleasant to listen to.

Here's the link to his channel, he deserves many more subscribers! The Turrican 2 playthrough videos still have very low view counts and it's been over a day by now... I think it deserves a lot more views.
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