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Thanks for explaining. After all the years I forgot what disk swapping means. Also thanks for mention other releases (at least for me 8BitJungle is the first mod mix production). Have to check the others.

I belive that mixing the mods together was a hard work. Did you edit each song separately or in one song and after that copy the mix pattern to the next song or completely differently?

About multitasking, I just wanted to know if it would be possible or technically not. I`m looking forward for your future projects.

Also thanks for you answer! Multitasking why? I like playing a musicdisk in background while doing something other. At least after watching/listening the first time when you "know" everything. For other productions like demos/intros/... it wouldn`t make sense.

I forgot to mention/ask. When I click the RMB next song plays immediately and status changed to "loading" what stays for about 10-20 seconds. So skip a song last at least that time because RMB works only if status = "raving". Seams skipping goes quicker?
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