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Hey Daxb

The only difference is the sample names have been upper-cased to make it easier doing look-ups for them. If you depack the samples from the original disks, they won't sound right as they have delta compression on them. This helps the compressor to get a little more crunch out of them.

Some of the tunes from disk 1 use the same samples from tunes on disk 3. This means they have to be on disk 3 because you dont want to have to ask the listener to insert disk 1, then 2, then 3, then 1, then 2.... and so on... that would be real annoying!

As for this being a first, nope! Flash productions were the first to do it, here.. Also I did one with some of friends of mine when we were in Quartz called Project Techno here..

You could essentially do this with any set of tunes but to be honest, the work that goes into linking/mixing them together is pretty big job.

AS for multi-tasking it, of course its possible, but as far as I'm concerned, the project is released and done. If someone wants to do it, more than happily give over the source code, although its a frikin mess!!

I'm concentrating on my next project, a demo or intro. The first steps being making some good effects, the chessboard is coming along nicely But again, with this being a side project to normal life, it's gonna take some time to complete.

Thanks for the comments
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