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First, overall I like the musicdisk really much. Great work hOffman! The mods songs are nicely joined to a mix. Has somebody else released a mod mix or is 8BitJungle the first one of its kind? Would it be (technically) possible doing the same with "real" mods (not songs)? I think about future music disks that are played/arranged as mix.

I depacked the files to have access to the song sample files. After loding into protracker I noticed small differneces (I think so). Is there some magic in 8BitJungle?

While depacking I notced some double sample files distributed on the three disks (WHDLoad version -> DSK(1-3)#?). I would like to know why?

Would it be (theoretical)to possible to have 8BitJungle in multitasking mode? Enough cpu power (030+) and memory preconditioned.
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