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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Try the new BETA (that's in the Zone now v1.3.1.004) to see if that works any better with Broken Sword 2.

already tried yesterday.if thats the one you put in yesterday.

thats why i had to adjust the ini file .it wouldent start.ile have to put the version im testing in the comments.

ok.this goes for broken sword 2.

when the games loads i skip the intros.then when the game starts you see the spider crawling across the floor while the screen scrolls of to the right.when the spider reaches the main person,he kicks back the office chair and scoots back to the book shelf.
then the crosshair appears for you to interact with the soon as you click on the book shelf,it begins to load the scene.then the crosshair disapears and is replaced by the mouse pointer and freezes.thats as for as i got .
this happens in the same place every time.which is a bit farther than before.

regards roy.

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