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Thanks for the rundown.

So Asskickers is a multi-platform Mac/PC game that doesn't work in OS X or Windows. There's a unique claim to fame for the poster!

Oh well, judging by the reviews I've read I don't think we're missing out on much... unless you happen to have a masochistic, homoerotic spanking fetish that is. Once would be funny, but after defeating each and every boss? Talk about flogging dead horses.

Maldita Castilla sounds more promising. I'm sure if I'd played the GnG games more my beloved Miggy would have ended up flying through the window so maybe toning down the difficulty will make for a more enjoyable experience.

TAGAP looks really slick and you can't argue with a Walker-Turrican combo so I'm going to have to find a Windows machine to try it out on.

Not especially recognisable as a classic Amiga game, but I don't mind adding Pictris related stuff as long as it's reasonably faithful. Maybe a 'best of' selection would be wise so it doesn't spiral out of control.
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