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Originally Posted by davideo View Post
Stick a bigger harddrive in it.

It would cure the noise and give you more storage space

Dave G

Yes, that what I was thinking at first but I need something for data transfer anyway (if for nothing else than to get the games from WHDownload on to the Amiga) and thought that a CF card via PCMCIA slot would do the trick - and then I thought the CF card should also be able to double as an additional HD (still via PCMCIA).

Besides this I am happy that the current HD with OS partition works perfectly and I'm from the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' school of thought.

I know in theory that fitting a new CF HD using the IDE connection should be as simple as formatting it and copying my existing HD data on to it. Unfortunately, I have a track record of making simple things more difficult than they should be (i.e. making an ar$e of it) and so am naturally disinclined to go down this route.

However, I am also aware that my logic might well be flawed so am happy to be set right.
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