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Originally Posted by James View Post
Thanks for this. Great to have Discworld and the SCI games now playable on RTG.

Been testing on WinUAE will try it on my A1500 eventually... A few notes:

Your date stamps are wrong maybe you need to upgrade your LHA?

Launching a game by cli no longer works will you be reimplimenting that? I like to launch games with their own project icon.

Attempting to add the amiga versions (dowloaded from BTTR) of some SCI games on your list results in ScummVM locking up (Hoyles, Colonel's Bequest, Hero's Quest).
Most of the others work - there are a few I haven't tried yet.
It looks like the colours on Conquest of the Longbow are messed up? (Never played it before) - These may be general ScummVM engine problems?

The Humungous games are missing from your list. All the 320 res games work but none of the 640 res. Working games are (only demos tested):

Fatty Bears Birthday Surprise
Putt Putt Goes to the Moon
Putt Putt Joins the Parade

OpenQuest also works.

People with fast systems should also try ScummVM 0.10.0r2:

It supports Broken Sword 1/2 and COMI with anims as well as Inherit the Earth, many of the 640 res Humungous games, Feeble Files, Gobliiins 1-3, Bargon Attack, Touche,
Ween e.t.c.

It is also worth keeping hold of version 1.2.0 as this allows higher scaling.

Hiya James,

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes my LHA needs updating (it's on my todo list).

I didn't mean to add support for any Humungous games so it's a bonus if some are supported

SCI support in ScummVM itself is still in it's early days, v1.3.1 is the first release that I've managed to get at least some SCI games working on 68k. BTW, try to get the 256 color mode working with SCI games.

I removed the launch from Shell option because this is a WB friendly application and should only be launched from the WB.

My old v1.2.x used the SDL which was very slow on real Amiga's, people with the real thing are better off using this new v1.3.x release.
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