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Funnily, I cannot get the Asskickers to work either (WinXP). It starts a Dos box and then does nothing, although using some CPU and memory. Waiting more than one minute does not help.

I suspect it is a video driver/DirectX issue as I have read on their site that they have already fixed related issues. Also, after I close the dos box Windows feel as sluggish as it does when you only have the generic windows video adapter drivers (just after installing Windows for instance).

Maldita Castilla is pretty enjoyable. It is less arcade-difficult / frantic than Ghost'n'Goblins. Among the influences the author mentions Shinobi. Besides some obvious things, such as an enemy who behaves quite like the enemies in Shinobi who have a shield and throw their boomerang sword at you, I think it is the closest in terms of gameplay.

One thing useful to know, the "power up" for weapon cycles through several different weapons. So if you don't want the offered weapon, you can wait a few seconds to see the next one offered.

Now for the list:
- TAGAP: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins and TAGAP 2:

are some enjoyable 2D jump and gun.

The Wikipedia article states:
"While the same control scheme has been used in games like Walker and Abuse, TAGAP has a bigger emphasis on shooting than "platforming""

So you can see it as a sort of Turrican (T3 since you have limited exploring to do in the levels. At least in those I played) with controls like in Abuse/Walker.

The 2nd opus (I played mostly this one) features some interesting weaponry. For instance the plasmagun secondary fire creates a temporary barrier blocking enemy fire (and even some enemies). A bit like the one you get when doing a small charge shot in Another World.

- Would you consider a game like Pictris (not really classic Amiga stuff since it dates from 1999) as in the scope of the list?

As I quite like logical puzzles, such as nonograms/picross which Pictris is, I can compile a pretty large list of games featuring the same kind of puzzles
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