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Troubleshooting /X BBS with Telnet

This is going to be a tough one, but I want to give it one more shot while my mind is on Amiga things.

I run one of only a handful of remaining Ami-Express BBS systems via telnet on the internet. For the most part, everything works. I can get the BBS to answer on two nodes and for the most part downloads and general browsing of the BBS works.

Where I am having problems are with uploads and frequent crashing of BBS during door activation (both /X internal and 3rd party doors) as well as frequent lockups at the end of uploads (which also activate doors to grab file id out of archived files.)

I am using the latest version of telnetd.device with a Hybrid of Miami and Ami-TCP for the stack. The Ami-TCP stuff is just there for telnetd.device I believe and includes config files for the TCP/IP stack. The network card is a 3com PCMCIA card with a static IP.

There have been a lot of posts going back several years here which is how I got the BBS working in the first place, but I want it to actually work without locking up. Can anyone dig way way back and think of anything I should look at or was this just common with /X and telnet?
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