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Originally Posted by bcfcstens View Post
also is there a way of putting roms onto floppy disks? if so would it play ok on my 500?
Hi Rich, and welcome to EAB!

Originally Posted by gunni View Post
I'm guessing you mean games? You can use amiga explorer
to copy ADF disk images from your PC to a floppy in your A500 with a null-modem serial cable. Its a slow process and sometimes you have to start over when you get errors but it gets the job done.
If, like me, you don't have a serial port you can use a USB-serial adapter.
I would just like to clarify something here.

Once Amiga Explorer is set up correctly, errors when writing ADF images on your PC back to floppies in your Amiga will invariably be due to failing floppy disks.

Amiga Explorer is very reliable, if slow, software provided dependable floppy disks are used.

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