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Originally Posted by minimiger View Post
well i dont think so my friend , number 1 you can get a 7 inch which would be 4 x as big as your willy and your brain capacity, 2 an 8 inch or ten the choice would be yours, and
I can see you have issues with envy, so I'll let that slide.

also you can hold a 7 inch in your hand whilst using the onscreen joypad
Why on earth would I want to use an on-screen joypad when I have one of the best D-Pads ever made? And twin analog nubs? Not to mention the other controls...

And I'd love to see you get your 7" tablet into your trouser pocket

but hey , you go spend all your money for something you have to wait for and maybe not turn up , whilst ill be playing my lovly amiga games enjoying myself lol ,some people.
1. I didn't spend all my money - I spent a small fraction of a month's wages.
2. It turned up, I've had it for months.
3. You can bet that the Amiga games I play on the Pandora right now run a lot more "lovely" with the real keyboard and proper gaming controls. Not to mention the full RTG workbench I run on it with large HDD full of apps and WHDLoad games!

Lol, some people indeed! Who'd want to emulate an Amiga on a Tablet with no physical controls?

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