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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I have three A1200 case revisions, and all of them have this cut-out in the plastic bar. Is there any case revision out there that does NOT have this?
My case doesn't look like that. No cutout at all. Now for the funny part. How to identify what case i got?

Silver sticker at the bottom:
Model A1200 ID. No. 530311
Power bleh bleh...
Made in Philippines
Funkensört nach DBP-VFG 1046/1984

White sticker at the bottom:
A1200 SD BARCODE-noncens-

Well, thats all i got.
It's a Swedish version, meaning it got the Swedish keyboard layout. Hope it helps in any way.

(Regardless, it looks easy enough to take that part of the plastic out.)
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