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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
I have small question.
All files from disk are used by game or not?
Some years ago I decoded all files from this game to rip the music, but I can't decode one file from first disk, if I remember right. I can't found access to this file. For me this is simple "fake" file (no empty space on disk for cracktro etc), but maybe this file is used by game?
The first disk is irrelevant, you could run the game just using disk 2 from recollection.

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I had a look at your personal website linked to from and that's an impressive lineup of games! It seems writing games never gets boring.
Thank you

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It would not have been a problem either if he hadn't told anything, see my post above for a description. The checksum check is quite easy to spot.

That doesn't mean that the protection is any good (it is, as said, nothing special at all), back in the day it was all about speed which resulted in some half/non-working cracks.
You are a bit of a charmer, StingRay

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