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Originally Posted by Rodomoc View Post
Have a3000 w/ a3640(v3.1) + GVP Spectrum Video. What can I do to help?
Copy Spectrum.card and CirrusGD542X.chip from your Picasso96 installation to same directory as arosbootstrap and aros.elf.gz.
Boot to aros using arosbootstrap:

arosbootstrap aros.elf.gz spectrum.card cirrusgd542x.chip

(Use romsplit to extract A3000 scsi.device and include it in arosbootstrap command line if you want to boot from A3000 scsi controller, aros does not have built-in support)

Keep both mouse buttons pressed, wait for boot menu which should open on your RTG monitor, 640x480x8 resolution.

If not, include serial log (null modem cable + USB adapter is usually the easiest solution, 115200 8N1)

WARNING: current aros builds may be quite unstable again, there has been major internal change recently. It is always good idea to first test if boot menu or "no bootable media" image appears without any extra modules.
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