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Blizzard 1230IV might have jumper set to shadow the 512kb kickstart rom in ram. This makes the system faster but consumes 1/2 mb of fast ram. If you want the ram back, remove the jumper. But many people like the speedup and losing 1/2 mb when you have 8 is not too bad.
That would make sense given that it looks like only 7.5Mb is showing up as being available (or doesn't it work that way?).

However, I've had a look at the jumper settings and only the RAMSPEED wires have a jumper sleeve over them (techno-speak ). I'm determining which jumper is which by reference to the Blizzard manual.

That seems to contradict your theory unless for the Blizzard the jumper setting are removed by slipping the jumper sleeve over the wires! Seems unlikely to me but I can send a pic of the jumper settings if need be.
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