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If you are running Workbench 2.1 or greater on your Amiga, you will be able to read MS-DOS formatted 720K floppies in the Amiga's floppy drive by virtue of the included CrossDOS filesystem.

If you have downloaded LHA or ZIP archives on your PC, extract them using WinRAR and copy the individual files to a double-density (720K) PC formatted floppy disk and transfer them to your Amiga by reading the disk in your Amiga's floppy drive.

From the Workbench 3.0 User's Guide:
To activate the DOS driver for your internal floppy drive whenever you boot, you must move the PC0 icon from Storage/DOSDrivers to Devs/DOSDrivers. After rebooting, your Amiga will be able to read, write and format double-density floppy disks inserted in your Amiga's intrnal floppy drive.
Two icons will appear on your desktop for any disk inserted in the drive: one for PC0: and one for DF0:.
For an MS-DOS disk in DF0:, Workbench displays an icon with the disk's name and an icon labelled DF0:????. For an Amiga disk, Workbench shows the usual floppy icon and another lanbelled PC0:????.
When you insert a disk into a CrossDOS drive, there is normally a brief delay between the appearance of the DFx: disk icon and the PCx: disk icon.

This should be good enough to let you get your CF card activated.
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