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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
Are you saying no one can EVER crack this to work properly?
Each and any protection can be cracked, there's no such thing as "uncrackable protection".

Originally Posted by stunts View Post
It was very simple (although creating a perfect CRC when the code could be loaded into anywhere in memory) wasn't easy,
I only had a quick look but I doubt that your checksum check works correctly since you used the normal move/eor approach and the code you check is not 100% pc-relative which means the checksum value changes whenever the code is relocated.

If you had made the protection code 100% pc-relative, adding a 100% reliable checksum check would have been very simple.

but once it worked, it was almost undetectable because it was silent.
Any good cracker checks the code for checksum checks and in your code there is one very suspicious thing to be found right at the beginning, in your checksum routine you directly access the beginning of the executable = not exactly hard to detect that something fishy is going on.

Would it not be simpler to scan the manual or copy the flags and page numbers and use a proper original ISO'ed version of the game ?
Where's the fun then?

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
I'll take this one on chaps, expect a 100% version later on today
Have fun, what I saw so far didn't look particularly hard to crack. Then again, I only had a quick glance at the code.

Edit: this following was once in a separate post but a mod here thought it's nice to silently merge the posts...
So the text below was written almost 2 hours after my original post:

Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I only had a quick look but I doubt that your checksum check works correctly
Checked now and the routine works correctly. Interesting way to work around the problem with the non-relocatable code. Anyway, the protection itself is nothing special at all, sorry, I like the way you tried to obfuscate the reset though.

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