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Because of you i have never experienced England wining the world cup

Are you saying no one can EVER crack this to work properly?
Nope, it can certainly be cracked if you understand how it works.

So what I did was to put a CRC check around the code to display the security flag screen when the game booted. If that code was tampered with (which a hacker would have circumnavigated) I littered my code (and graphic data) with calls to check on that CRC throughout the game. If it found the CRC was incorrect, I set a flag and if that was set, I randomly rebooted some time into the game. It was very simple (although creating a perfect CRC when the code could be loaded into anywhere in memory) wasn't easy, but once it worked, it was almost undetectable because it was silent.

One suggestion though, the security system for the game was to find a flag on the corner of the game manual and enter it 3 times. Would it not be simpler to scan the manual or copy the flags and page numbers and use a proper original ISO'ed version of the game ?

Originally Posted by synchro View Post
Welcome !!

Its great to have an author of an actual chart topping game here with a great attitude amiga emulation and his game...

I would like to say thank you for creating games for the Amiga in its Heyday.
We do our best here to insure people like you and your games are not forgotten...Its not about piracy for us in this day and age but preservation.

Did you have a hand in any other games ??
Thank you.

Absolutely, I agree its not piracy

Not on the Amiga, no. Sierra Soccer was my only game for that platform but I'd written many games before it and plenty after and I continue to do so today.

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