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black screen on soft reset fixed

Hi everyone,

and sorry for digging this out. There have been reports of sporadic failure of Indivision AGA when a soft-reset is done with a B1260 card - the VGA screen would show a black screen, which can be worked around by resetting the machine manually (CTRL-Amiga-Amiga).

I worked together with Toni Wilen on a fix, because he was the only one who could actually reproduce the problem reliably. The fix is a CPLD update that can only be applied "in the factory". Since it's not fixing a bug in the flickerfixer, but it's working around an error in the accelerator, the fix is not free. I therefore only recommend it to those who actually have the problem _and_ cannot live with the workaround of hitting reset when it happens.

Cost for the update is 20,- EUR including tax and shipment back within all Europe. Please contact me through eMail or the contact form, but not through PM in this forum, before you send your flickerfixer to me. If you're outside Europe, please contact me with information on where you are, so I can find the best shipping method.

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