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Battery, PCMCIA & Compact Flash queries amiga 600

im a novice amiga upgrader with little tech knowledge however ive just replaced the old 20mb harddrive in my A600 as it seemed broken. Ive put a 4gb CF in its place (got the CF adapter card from Hong Kong) The Amiga recognised it ok and all seems to have partitioned as per the Amiga prep/format drive options at start up. I installed workbench and it seems to work fine. One slight query was i got a "not validated" message for my hard disk but it seems to work ok so far?
The main issue at present is my time/date settings seem to be forgotten. Im unsure how to change the system battery and is so for what? Ive got some cr2032 bats but cant budge the battery attached to the 1mb RAM expansion or am i looking in the wrong place?
Ive also got a CF PCMCIA adapter on its way and im curious how to go about installing any new software on to my Amiga? What software is on offer to me & what it might do? Also what other cards might i use the PCMCIA slot for?
Im still on the look out for 2mb fast ram cards but they all seems very expensive.
Think i need some basic answers to my questions thanks
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