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You know, there are a lot of people who don't like emulation. Some of them downright hate emulation.

I still own my A500 with turboboard, additional memory (4 MB), a freezer (Action Replay brand) and two external floppy drives (and my black and yellow competition pro still works very well).
It's usually safely packed away and I only hook it up on special occasions (like when my brother visits me).

Using real hardware is something special that's quite a lot of fun BUT, in truth, nowadays, I prefer to play my Amiga game with WinUAE.

While it may sound a little blasphemic but I enjoy game on WinUAE much more than on my real Amiga. It's faster, more convenient, I like the effect of 2xSAI, more comfortable to control by allowing me to map everything to my gamepad, it's debugger works a lot better than the Action Replay, and with savestates I can save in every game whenever I want.

Plus, it's a lot easier to record footage for my videos.

As I said, using original hardware has it's charm and as a collector I am quite proud to own such an upgraded system. But as a collector, I'm glad that I can store my "investment" in safety and as a gamer, I enjoy all the advantages new technology brings.

Besides, emulation turned some of my friends into collectors.
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