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Thanks for the advice - some progress (I think).

The VGA adapter is one I bought years ago to use with an old Microvitec monitor (long since dead) other than that I'm not sure what type it is.

I changed the screen mode to DBLPAL high res and then switched from the RGB scart connection to the VGA connection and lo and behold it worked a treat. Sysinfo and Colonization both also displayed ok but I think thats because they both run under workbench. I tried one other game which didn't appear to run under workbench and the 'out of range' message came back.

My understanding is that games will not run correctly via an LCD VGA connection (at least not with DBLPAL) but my understanding here is at best extremely flawed and at worst complete nonsense.

While the workbench display via RGB scart is not as good as via VGA my preference is to get the RGB scart connection working for the sake of the games - which brings me back to my original problem which at the time I saw as being that regardless of what I set the screen mode to when I launched an application it always seemed to want to revert to DBLPAL high res. However, this seems to be related to apps that run under workbench. The game I mentioned above which doesn't appear to run under workbench works perfectly well via the RGB scart connection, i.e. the problem seems to be confined to apps running under workbench which always revert to DBLPAL high res regardless of what other screenmode I save.

Again, assistance is very much appreciated.
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