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advice required with A1200

Having dusted off my Amiga 1200, I have decided to give it a new drive and have opted for 4Gb CF drive sold by Amigakit.

My present set-up consists of :

A1200 (kickstart 3.0)
workbench 3.0
80MB Hard drive
blizzard 1220/4 (no fpu)
Phillips Monitor
Midi Interface
Mouse & Joystick/wireless joypads

Before I install WB3.0 on the new drive, could anyone tell me
1. Would O/S3.1 work with the 3.0 kickstart rom or would I need to upgrade the rom to 3.1?
2. Is it worth upgrading to O/S3.1 and what would be the benefits?
3. If the rom is Upgraded to 3.1 would it be better to upgrade to O/S 3.9 if I can get hold of the disk?
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