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Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post
On a sort of related note I wish the coders of demos always included the option to repeat your favourite effects (with or without music) once the demo has finished.
I know what you mean, but that's not always possible due to (at least on A500/1MB) making full (re-)use of limited memory. Even on AGA there's only 2MB Chipmem and some effects use it all up as buffers. My approach allows you to enjoy the effect for as long as you like, with music, with a mouseclick. I'll confess I haven't seen it done yet. Many many demos do the opposite, ie. stay on the effect and requiring a mouse click to go on, but that won't result in a looping demo. My next release has two modes, a looping (endpart exit) mode and if you click a button at demo start: go to the normal manual 'click to exit each part' mode.

It's a good request, and as I said I'm very much in favor of that and will try to implement it whenever possible.

RE: WHDLoad demos. You should have stated this as it limits your choice of demos severely. Also, watch out for sound errors as all demos used different music player versions and not all may have been patched properly for your machine. I just installed all WHDLoad KG packs and have noticed many errors in music replay. Perhaps I have "the wrong WHDLoad machine...again..." (I have 3), but you will likely get these errors, and some 'blinkgraphics' between parts which do not do the original correctly programmed (but perhaps 680x0-incompatible) demos/transitions credit.

I make full apologies if you're a pro and know all this and have set up the perfect WHDLoad machine, of course

Let's take Mental Hangover as example again. This is a perfect looping trackmo with reset at the end, but since it's floppy-based, that's the only demo you will loop. Bad for podcasts In WHDLoad it exits at reset, so you would have to find a way to script WHDLoad demos one after another for the demoshow to be continuous. (Again, apologies if you know all this and have already tested this.)

However, if OCS/1MB is your platform of choice (at least for a certain sequence of demos), file demos are perfect for you. Just put them on the same disk (floppy or HDD) one after another in the startup-sequence and last, a reset command, and they will make a great show and you will have all file demos to choose from, which is near 10000 instead of the 580 selected for the KG packs (Of which I dunno 6 or 8 are Stag porno shows... heheh....)

Then run the script (startup-sequence if floppy, or any named script if Harddisk Drive) on an OCS/1MB Amiga and they will look and sound perfect!

(The same applies for A1200/2MB or AGA/060/50MB+ or corresponding WinUAE configs, but again you should select the demos that you like and then select the optimal machine, so the perfect mix you want might not be found with WHDLoad or a certain Amiga model.)

Check out some of the demos I mentioned, some of them you might like and some are famous demos that many will like. I especially like Natural Movement because it had slow but correct and advanced animation for the time. And it loops. But it's not for everyone, and (so) it's not in WHDLoad. I do love it tho, here's to Tristan Lorache the coder and martial artist

I'll stop typing now but have a think about what your goal is and we'll help you reach it!
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