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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
Maybe I've lost my way.
You can still find your way back..
Just search for the mantra..
(You have your rune translation guide handy??)

To be fair, I like both types of games.
But the more direct quests, I prefer to be shorter little quests..
Kind of like in Neverwinter Nights, I think I almost preferred the sidequests.. ;-)

I'm sure some of it is just the fact that I "chose" the Ultima series.
Never got into Wizardry, I liked Bard's Tale OK..
But I chose Ultima..

I suppose it's similar to later in my life, when I "chose" the Amiga...
From then on, it's a bit religious and we tend to overlook the faults...

I admit I probably have blinders on to some of the faults, but it was just the right game at the right time for me...

And luckily, my spell-check lets me know nowadays that climb is spelled with a c. ;-)

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