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Originally Posted by Bulkins View Post
My questions are:

How do I determine how much memory is installed on the accelerator? One of the pre-loaded utilities is SysInfo by Nic Wilson. For memory it shows an entry 'DMA/Gfx - 2Mb' but there is also a 'Memory' button which indicates 'Total Size' of 7.5Mb - does this include the 2Mb for DMA/Gfx? In the System folder there is a 'NoFastMem' icon which seems to toggle fast memory on and off. The Window title reads '1,942,080 graphics memory 6,674,384 other memory' or simply '1,942,080 graphics memory' depending on the status of this 'toggle' - what's this all about? I think there is probably 8Mb on the accelerator on top of the 2Mb that came with the machine but I struggling to confirm.
Hi Bulkins, and welcome to EAB!

Your conclusion about the total Chip RAM and Fast RAM is probably correct.

To confirm this: from Workbench, open a Shell (you will find this in your Hard drive's System folder). Double-click the icon and a command-line shell will open up.

Enter avail and press return.

The total amount of used and available memory (Chip RAM and Fast RAM) will be listed.

To quit the Shell, enter endcli and press return.
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