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Help Needed By Newbie Returning After Many Years


In a fit of nostalgia I recently dug out my old Amiga 1200 after several years in storage and while all appears to be ok I have a few questions that can hopefully be easily answered by resident experts - I appear to have given away any useful books so am having trouble rooting around for the answers myself.
My machine has a 540Mb full size hard-drive that was supplied by Eyetech pre-loaded with, amongst other things, a pile of utilities. It also has a Blizzard 1230 IV accelerator with some additional memory - fitted by Eyetech.

My questions are:

How do I determine how much memory is installed on the accelerator? One of the pre-loaded utilities is SysInfo by Nic Wilson. For memory it shows an entry 'DMA/Gfx - 2Mb' but there is also a 'Memory' button which indicates 'Total Size' of 7.5Mb - does this include the 2Mb for DMA/Gfx? In the System folder there is a 'NoFastMem' icon which seems to toggle fast memory on and off. The Window title reads '1,942,080 graphics memory 6,674,384 other memory' or simply '1,942,080 graphics memory' depending on the status of this 'toggle' - what's this all about? I think there is probably 8Mb on the accelerator on top of the 2Mb that came with the machine but I struggling to confirm.

I have an LG tv/monitor and am using the appropriate RGB/Scart cable from AmigaKit. When I first booted up the machine the window was split with the left hand half appearing on the right side of the screen and the right hand half appearing on the left side with a blank band down the middle. SysInfo later confirmed that the screen mode was 'DBLPAL: High Res'. I changed the screen mode to 'PAL:high res' and saved this setting which seemed to work perfectly - nice stable and clear picture. However, when I started up a game that was installed on the hard drive (Colonization) and when using SysInfo the screen went back to the DBLPAL: High Res. When exiting these programs back to Workbench the screen mode returns to PAL:High Res. How do I resolve this?

Many thanks in anticipation of assistance and apologies if these are mega idiotic questions.
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