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AHI or Sound Blaster Output Support for OctaMED SS?

OctaMED S.S. only exists now a days for Windows.

A few years back someone had made a deal with the author to allow them access to the source, but they never produced which ticked off the author I guess and now he won't even deal with the Amiga community from what I understand.

So where does this leave OctaMED S.S. users?

Well, only using their favorite software on Classic Amigas apparently. There is some sort of hack for OS4 where you can trick it into using the Maestro driver to output to your actual sound card, but this is only good for OS 4 users.

What I'd love to see is for someone to come along and write something like this to support MorphOS and or Amithlon. Something that could redirect the audio to AHI or what ever.

I understand that Amithlon has a hack that allows all paula output to redirect to the sound card, but this only works with 4 channel tracks under OctaMED.

On MorphOS the system will hang as soon as you launch OctaMED.

It would be great to be able to use OctaMED S.S. on one of these O.S.'s.

Does anyone think such a venture would be possible?
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