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You can search on BitWorld for things like 'CEBIT' or 'CES' or 'Invitation' (type in the box and select 'Title'). Most of those demos were made as sort of a shopwindow looping type demo. One of my earliest ones was for a computer shop (I think I was paid in Amiga hardware ), but it's long gone. It had some big-font scroll, that's all I can remember.

Some examples are D.A.N.E. I guess Coma and 9 Fingers, and other such (what I call) trackmos, a complete demo sequence on a trackdisk like some Anarchy prods from 1991-1993. Unfortunately BitWorld currently categorizes megademos as trackmos as well, but you can search for 'Trackmo' and select 'deep' to get some mixed list of megademos, demos and trackmos. No guarantee that zero mouse clicks are needed. Megademos almost always require mouse clicks between parts.

You can sort this last list by group and I can drop some group names I think will help you find some: Anarchy, Sanity, Kefrens, Scoopex, Andromeda, Alcatraz.

Many major file demos are a sequence too, but usually end up on an endpart with no exit, or possibly dos-exit on mouseclick. I like Dreamscape by Aurora, and I think it resets or loops. Any demo that resets at end and fits on a disk can be made to loop, just put the demo in the startup-sequence. File demos that autoexit after end (pretty rare) can be made to loop by putting a reset-command (on after the demo in the startup-sequence, or you can put many such demos after each other in a script and run from harddisk. Melon Dezign and other such 1992+ 'demos that are about design/transitions' could be very compatible with your wishes, but the trick is autoexit on the endpart, not all have that.

Titles; I'm not sure if all these exit/loop; Arte, Sequential, DOS, Mental Hangover, Seven sins, World of Wodka preview, Batman Vuelve, Rampage, Substance, Tropical Sunset, maybe this :P ...

On PD disk you can find shopwindow type looping demos but these are normally less technically impressive.

Modern file demos are less likely to reset at end, but they are more likely to exit than stop at an endpart (cos it's bad for compos), so add reset after. Many are big and so must be run from harddisk.

I'm very much in favor of a 'flow' of parts and click to stay on a part so non-intro releases from us will at least have autoprogression and autoexit.

You can also click on 'Parties' and select Cebit 1991, etc (or some 1992+ party), demo compo entries are normally time limited and exiting.
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