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Emulation - Hot & Cold

Well being a bit of a retro computer enthusiast (though only a casual gamer) I have owned and used many classic systems in the past. Today all that remains of my previous collection (200+ machines) is my Amiga Technologies A1200.

On the subject of emulation, I run hot and cold on my opinions of the various emulated experiences.
First thing I did was replace my TFT with a 17” CRT monitor for a more realistic representation of the original GFX from older systems.

M.A.M.E, M.E.S.S, FBA and WinKawaks all look and feel pretty darn good to me via emulation. However try as I might I just can't warm to Amiga emulation!!!

Sure, utter respect to all the guys who spend many hours writing code for the various excellent emulated Amiga environments, but it just leaves me unfulfilled.

Running my A1200 on my 42” Plasma TV or 15” FST Portable TV is just a totally different experience. It just looks and feels 'right'....even more so on the small TV!

I have an install of ClassicWB OS 3.9 (but also have ClassicWB Full on a spare drive) on my original Amiga and ClassicUAE, AmiGame on my PC.

The emulated environment is useful for running high end demo's or setting up real Amiga HD's, but for playing just doesn't do it for me.

The strange thing is I will happily run C64, ZX Spectrum and many other classic computers via emulation and they all feel fine to me.....must just be an Amiga thing???
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