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Thumbs up WinUAE 0.8.22 R2

Hi all.

My first post on this board - here goes.

Well, I've downloaded the latest WinUAE. Talk about excited!
It's ironic that one of the most exciting uses I can think of for my shiny fast PC is emulating my older computers, but anyway...

The latest WinUAE seems to have some weird speed issues - for example, after changing something in the configuration while WinUAE is running, it takes a few moments for normal speed to resume. And sometimes during a game the speed drops to about half and then goes normal again. Weird. Makes no difference if I disable/enable sound, reduce the display refresh rate, or mess with CPU idle mode. Ah well.

Otherwise, compatibility has improved yet again. Very impressive Toni!

"Fastest possible, but maintain chipset timing" seems to work better now too - timing is indeed maintained more accurately (unless it's just my imagination). Warhead, for example, remains at the correct speed (great game that).

AND I can FINALLY play the Amiga version of one of my all time favourite games - from way back in the dark mists of 8-bit-ness.
Yes, Sorcery+ finally works on WinUAE!!! The colours seem to darken once the game loads though...

Once again, thanks Toni - very nice work.

I look forward to some suggestions from others who may have overcome some of the weird speed issues. Maybe it's just my PC...
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