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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
I like would a very high accelerator to be released, one for A1200D and one for A1200T
price range £300 at a push £400

don't think it would be worth doing an A4000D/T accelerator nor an A600 one

What is the best (highest) accelerator ever released for the Amiga?

as i understand it 68060@75mhz 1Gb Ram(?) with BPPC@266Mhz

i could be completely wrong, it must work for classic Amiga (ie kickstart 3.1 and workbench 3.1)
there are Blizzard PPC cards out there with real 250,275 & 300Mhz processor no overclocking,but this may change from anything from 350 to 600Mhz with L2 cache.
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