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Hi bmags66, and welcome to EAB!

It sounds like you've got some serious bit-rot on those floppy disks and, if conditions in your garage have become quite damp at times while your Amiga gear has been stored there, almost certainly mould growth as well.

When you try to read the disks that don't work, does the floppy drive make a squealing noise? If it does, then this is caused by mould growth on the recording surface of the disk, which will not only make their recovery more difficult but can also damage the floppy drive eventually

If the floppy drive makes only the usual noises during disk activity, then you can count yourself very lucky in the circumstances, because the disks may well be recoverable with with enough retries.

I would offer to salvage the disks for you, but the shipping charge to the UK will make that an expensive option. Maybe one of our US members can help you.
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