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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Simple upgrade yes, simple board layout no. Over and over again Jens has said that the FPU timing of existing cards is borderline / terrible.

I'd be curious to know what FPU software you think would be a benefit?

For me, I want an FPU so that I can run scene demos. Thing is an 030 is not powerful enough to run most demos which require an FPU
The is just a rationalization by Jens (much like your conclusion it's not worth replacing A3640 GAL's to get a performance boost). First most SDRAM's are rated to run at > 100 Mhz and yes you have to pay careful attention to capacitance specs. at these clock speeds. However, his fastest ACA card is only running at 1/2 this clock speed and the specs. can be relaxed enough to allow light loading on the address and/or data buses. The 68882 is a three state device and places no significant load on the data bus until it's chip select is enabled. It may place a light load on some of the address lines but thats not likely to cause a major timing problem. In the unlikely worst case scenario he might need to add one more wait stait to ACA memory cycles.

ImagineFP, CinneMorphFP, DistantSunsFP, Lightwave, mpega.library (FPU versions) AREXX and some OS3.x datatypes, etc.

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