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Originally Posted by SpeedGeek View Post
My only disapointment with the ACA cards is the lack of FPU support and that the small cost of a PGA or PLCC socket and very minor changes to the address decoding logic were not included so as to allow users to perform this very simple upgrade.
Simple upgrade yes, simple board layout no. Over and over again Jens has said that the FPU timing of existing cards is borderline / terrible.

Originally Posted by SpeedGeek View Post
I don't think it's fair to generalize all A1200 and A600 owners as "Gamers" who would not be likely to benefit from FPU support.
I'd be curious to know what FPU software you think would be a benefit?

For me, I want an FPU so that I can run scene demos. Thing is an 030 is not powerful enough to run most demos which require an FPU
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