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it wouldent be impossible but unfeasable mainly due to research.and production.

whoever did the card would have to do them in numbers.

imagine doing 25-50(first run)of these cards they would probably have to sell them for about 500-600 pounds each!!.i mean how many peaple would deffinitly buy one(on pre-order) even with 512 mb of pc100- pc133 ram and 060 at 100mhz?that would ramp the price up even further.
plus you would have to make it with an adjustable oscilator so it would work with slower 060 and earlier masks(on baords with no cpu just socket)to make it compatible/adjustable for overclocking between masks.
and it wouldent be feasible(in my opinion)to make it work with an 040 there would be more logic=more cost for developement.

not many id say.

although everyone can live in hope

but then again strange things do happen look at the bugatti veyron(built to make a point that it was possible)
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