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Originally Posted by papazark View Post
Would it be possible to get new 68040 or even 60 cards at a descent price ?
AFAIK the reason Individual Computers never made an 060 card was because he had a job lot of 030's at a very good price. You cannot buy 68040 or 060's in any large quantities from anyone at a reasonable price.

Originally Posted by papazark View Post
Or even better, would it be possible to have CPU free cards and let people plug their own CPU ? (like with a PC motherboard for example)
Just like a PC motherboard you need the right one for the right CPU. An 040/060 CPU would not fit in an 030 accelerator.

If you are asking why not make an 060 accelerator and let people buy their own CPU's? Might work. But I'm not sure there would be enough people prepared to upgrade from one 060 card to another to make it worth while.
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