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Pittsburgh PA Says "Hi Yinz!" + A500 & Audiomaster HELP!

And for those confused at my title, if you're from Pittsburgh, "yinz" means "you", "you all", "everyone", etc. I'll try not to use other Pittsburghese to spare the confusion! Now down to my problem- I dug out all my A500 gear from my garage the other week (bought it in '86, last used in '92) and, in particular, found that I have an original Audiomaster (not copy) and file disk that don't work ('read/write error'). I believe the file disk has recordings from my nephew/niece from when they were tots almost 20 years ago. I'd really like to see what's been recorded on the disk but am not sure where to turn at this point. My WB1.3 disk won't load either. Other original and game copies do load but I don't have any rhyme/reason as to why or why not (some 'not a dos' errors too). I also have some utility programs but don't remember just by the name of them if any of them are disk repair software programs or not. And I'd be afraid of trying them for fear of them wiping the data (not that I can access it now anyways...). It also doesn't help that I'm pretty clueless when it comes to diagnosing what may be wrong with the disks or A500 itself. I bought the computer solely for gaming and know nothing about programing, schematics, chips, etc. Sorry in advance for any dumbing down explanations that you may have to do for me, but for anyone that can get the Audiomaster files to load or somehow be able to pull the audio, you can pick your favorite item for free of the games (you may have everything anyways, but who knows?!) or hardware (backup A500 or external hard drive?) from my stash, or if you're a Pittsburgh Penguins/NHL fan, I have a load of memorabilia and would be more than happy to return the favor!
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