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Hmmh.. Still using amigas you say? well here's my current amigahardware:

2 A500's (One for spare parts)

with OmniROM Kickstart switcher (Onboard KS1.2,1.3&3.1)
SupraRam 500RX with 2 megabytes memory
A RM550C 512k trapdoor memory expansion

1 A600 (HD was later installed)

With 1 Gigabyte 2.5" IBM-harddrive
Kickstart 3.1 (Used to be KS2.05 37-300)
1 Megabyte trapdoor memoryexpansion
(This machine originally didn't have anykind of HD,mouse or extra memory)

1 Amiga CD32
with competition Pro CD32 Joypad

I wish i could find these: An accelerator for my amigas, A500 AND/OR A600.. A570 CD, A590 HD and a decently priced A1200..
Oh, and a Philips CM8833-II would be nice..

Also i have lots of little trinkets like mice, joysticks, trackdisplay, a mouse/joystick switchbox and a 1084S-P monitor with some extra connectors added by me.. (SCART and S-Video)

+ around 400 disks for these machines

Edit: typos corrected and added the 1084S...
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